Pricing Information

Our pricing is made up of the following components:-

  • Registration  -  our monthly registration fees starting from $25 per month up to $40 month depending on length of registration and package selection.  Fees are paid in advance and we currently offer 2 packages to choose from.  For charges, please refer to our Packages and Pricing guide
  • Postage Charges  -  a Post Float Deposit is paid in advance and used to cover the cost of postage to get your mail to you.  For postage charges, please refer to our Postage Charges within Australian guide.  We are also happy to send internationally.
  • Other Services  -  other fees may apply depending on registration  package chosen.  Refer to our Other Services and Pricing guide for these services and their pricing.

If one of the packages does not suit your needs, or there is another service we may help you with, please contact us to discuss or personalise a suitable package.