Postage Charges within Australia

Post Haste Australia forwards all your accumulated mail in one envelope.  Australia Post deems any envelope weighing less than 500grams with a maximum size of 360 x 250mm and a maximum thickness of 20mm as a 'Letter'.  All envelopes weighing more than 500gms is deemed by Australia Post as a 'Parcel'.  Based on this, our charges are as follows:-

  Maximum Size Regular Express

Letter Service Option (NO Tracking)

Maximum Thickness 20mm

Less than 125gms

Less than 250gms

Less than 500gms



360mm x 260mm

360mm x 260mm

360mm x 260mm











Parcel Post with Tracking

Less than 500gms

Up to 1kg

Up to 3kg

Up to 5kg


355mm x 220mm

385mm x 265mm

405mm x 310mm

510mm x 435mm











ALL other parcels sent via regular parcel post  -  $5.00 plus postage cost