Terms & Conditions

The Terms and Conditions of HPF Family Trust Trading As Post Haste Australia ABN 85 156 824 997 form part of the registration and by signing the registration form, you are accepting the terms and conditions of the contract.

Post Haste Australia (PHA) is a mail forwarding service. Under no circumstances will PHA knowingly accept, forward or be held responsible for any illegal, dangerous, stolen, damaged or hazardous mail belonging to or being sent to you. PHA has the right to refuse delivery of such items and cancel the contract immediately with no refund applicable. At all times it is your responsibility to ensure that this type of mail is not forwarded to PHA.


PHA will only accept two (2) applicants per registration from the same address, unless other parties are immediately related (i.e. children, parents, grandparents, etc from that same address). Family members, couples, and friends travelling together and have different originating addresses must register on separate applications.

It is your responsibility to arrange for all mail to be forwarded to PHA. No responsibility is taken by PHA for mail that does not arrive at our office. Once mail is received, the number of items received will be recorded, scanned (where applicable), and your mail will be held securely by PHA. At any time, you may contact PHA to find out what mail is being held and request on forwarding.


Payment is required in full in advance of your registration commencement. This includes the monthly registration fee for each month of service required plus the required ‘Post Float’. Upon receipt of your initial registration, you will be provided with your unique PHA Number. Your registration commences from date of arrival of your first piece of mail at our office. Monthly registration is based on calendar months and not weeks. It is your responsibility to choose the appropriate registration period. No refund will be given for any unused registration period. If you wish to extend your registration, you may do so by advising us accordingly and paying the difference in fees.

Post Float

Your ‘Post Float’ is used to pay the costs incurred to send your mail. These costs vary each time depending on the location, the amount of mail, and how quickly you require the mail. PHA will always attempt to send your mail by the most cost-effective and efficient method. Your ‘Post Float’ will also be used to cover other charges such as emailing, scanning, faxing, phone calls, and other incidentals as requested by you. When your ‘Post Float’ account balance reaches $15 or below, we will contact you to request a top up of your Post Float account. A transaction statement will also be put in with your mail for your records. If you float does not hold enough funds, we have the right to hold your mail and or/messages until your balance is increased. All ‘Post Float’ balance held at the end of your registration period will be refunded either via Direct Deposit or Credit Card.

Mail Forwarding to Customers

PHA will forward your mail to you via the most cost effective and efficient method. This is generally Australia Post ‘ordinary’ mail service with Tracking. We do not normally send mail via Registered Mail, or Express Post unless specifically requested by you to do so. PHA is not responsible for any mail lost in transit. However, in the unlikely event of this happening, we will endeavour to locate the lost items through Australia Post. All mail will be held securely until you request for it to be forwarded to. You can advise PHA where to send your mail via the following methods:-

  • Phone: 07 3801 3454
  • SMS: 0408 703 083
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.